Our Focus

At Technical Career Associates we are dedicated to providing solutions to the technology sector. As a company we are passionate about technology and we keep a sharp eye on emerging breakthroughs, innovations, and entrepreneurial ideas. We monitor today’s industry trends as well as emerging and growing marketplaces so that we have a current understanding of our client's needs.

We are very proud of the companies we have worked with and are excited to be involved in the world of technology. We draw upon our past experience and relationships with venture capitalists, start-ups, Fortune 500 corporations and companies big and small to engage the community and help push their goals forward.

Customized Recruiting Solutions

When you are seeking to find a recruiting solution for your company, you need a plan that reflects your goals and needs. Technical Career Associates understands that you are investing valuable resources in your search for new talent as well as working to make certain you obtain a successful placement. We provide several options that are designed to fit your recruiting goals. First and foremost, our recruiting solutions are focused on obtaining results. The TCA team of recruiters will take the time to establish a dialogue to jump-start engagement and present realistic options, resulting in the creation of tailored strategies to address your needs.

Technical Career Associates focuses on delivering results, regardless of the recruiting solution you choose. We strive to develop mutually beneficial matches between candidate and company, helping to insure a successful result for everyone, as well as building our reputation as an industry leader.