What We Do

We strive to quickly and successfully place top-tier professionals with organizations through out the world. Our goal is to match our clients together with our candidates, in a way that provides for long term growth. The future success of this relationship is foremost in our mind and of critical importance to all of our clients. Technical Career Associates enjoys a great reputation in our industry due to our understanding and commitment to these goals.

How We Do It

Our team works to use the latest methods to target and acquire talent from every geographic location. We understand and recognize the time and capital that our clients make in locating candidates and investing in their future. We search multiple channels using strategies we have developed to bring our clients the ideal candidate.

When We Started

Technical Career Associates was founded in 1998 by Shanna Wheeler-Kilgore & Keith Kilgore to provide top talent to the high tech business sector. Since our beginning TCA has built a reputation for delivering successful candidates that grow into successful assets for our client companies. We have served every type of company, from start-ups to Fortune 500 corporations with the same level of commitment and continue to build on our past success.